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Naomi - roses on face

About Naomi Rebecca...

Naomi Rebecca was born on 17 November 2002, a golden haired, blue eyed little girl, completely unlike her parents! She met all the young year milestones with little effort, and became a loving, if temperamental little chatterbox. She developed the obligatory affection for all things pink and purple, particularly if heart shaped.

In February 2006 she embraced the arrival of her baby sister Amy in a way that was heart warming and surprising. This love has rarely dwindled, and it is my greatest hope that they will grow up together as friends.

In May 2007 Naomi had been attending swimming lessons and gymnastics at the local leisure centre for a few months and was about to start trampolining.

In the second week of May amongst the normal variances of a four year old’s ailments and mood swings we noticed an occasional increase in tearfulness and tiredness. A brief tremor in her right hand, a complaint that her right eye was a bit blurry and a slight squint in her right eye were fleeting.

Checks with the optician confirmed a squint, nothing else was noticed behind the eye. There were no complaints of headaches, no sickness, no loss of balance, no loss of appetite. The tremor was no longer apparent. She was happy and content.

Naomi - very smiley

The next day I asked Naomi to lift her leg when lying down, and her right leg trembled. I don’t know why but I made the decision to take her to the accident and emergency dept where they kindly humoured me, whilst looking at this vibrant and vivacious little girl. They were as surprised as me when a CT scan showed a 10cm x 10cm brain tumour. All this happened within a week. The squint was not anything to do with the tumour.

Over a year later, Naomi has undergone three brain operations and almost thirty long and intensive bouts of chemotherapy. She has lost her peripheral vision, and there is a strong likelihood that the tumour, a malignant ependymoma will grow back.

In that time she has also started primary school, been on holiday to Center Parcs and the Lake District, as well as a day trip to Lapland! She is desperate to start swimming again and to be normal. Because of course she is normal, but she also has cancer.

She is brave, tenacious, precocious and vexing. She is also, loving, funny and intelligent. I can’t imagine life without her affectionate character. Please help us keep her.

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